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The element of surprise plays a very important role to achieve a better relationship with your partner. Women love surprises, especially when they are sexual surprises. By introducing the element of surprises in your love creation session, it is to do things that are new and unexplored, or to do the things you are currently doing differently.

Women hate the routine. You will have to be thoughtful enough to go out with things that can break the usual routine in the bedroom. You can surprise her early in the morning by planting some kisses on her breasts and vagina.

You can also surprise her when she is showering, hug her suddenly from behind and start kissing her neck. The key here is to be as creative and romantic as possible.

Make an effort to plan a day that can lead to sexual enjoyment in the bedroom. Take the opportunity when you are out of the house to decorate your room with romantic scented candles. Prepare a CD that plays slow music where both can dance. Then meet her for dinner immediately and establish the right mood by telling her that tonight is night.

Make sure you DO NOT let him know that you have decorated the room. After you both have a few drinks and dances in a pub, when you get home to the bedroom, she will be surprised and ready for a great sexual night.

When making love, do not be afraid to try new positions and techniques. As a man, you must start the movement. Just do it. Do not worry because you’ll know if you like it or not, as I’ll probably tell you.

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